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Hike in dental clinic now holds not only for dental treatment, other procedures such as teeth whitening, and dental, but also to rectify the deficiencies and irregularities of the teeth, and prevention of abnormal growth of teeth in childhood. If as a child your parents missed the time when the years of your childhood orthodontists can improve the bite, do not worry. Current Orthodontics has changed a lot and offers a correction of the bite and fix your teeth for patients of different age categories. If you have the intention to perform and to visit the orthodontist to correct bite, but you stop wearing ugly bracket systems that you remember from childhood, your fears are totally unfounded. Because at the moment Orthodontics offers quite inconspicuous lingual bracket systems. These braces have been developed after much work on the creation brackets. From the metal brackets out of plastic, more aesthetic in color, but not having the necessary strength, . Then were created: Metal bracket system with the metal parts, placed in the joints with braces orthodontic arch. Next, more advanced ceramic and sapphire brackets. Outwardly similar to resemble ceramic braces and metal- ceramic crowns. Braces sapphire for bite correction are a true piece of jewelry. They resemble the adornment of precious stones for teeth. Created from a crystal is artificially grown sapphire and inconspicuous as rock crystal, XBT? 7ennye like a diamond, such a bracket system will bring pleasure to those who have decided to correct the bite in his mature years. But sapphire brackets are not fully satisfy the needs of those patients who want their smile was irreproachable.

As a result, there were lingual bracket system, fully imperceptibly and fixed on the lingual side of teeth. Such a bracket system the perfect solution for those who are on duty should not change its appearance. In this situation, people are living their normal lives, and in orthodontic treatment and correction of bite continues to be implemented. But perfect in terms of aesthetics lingual bracket systems have other drawbacks related to functionality. Reimplantation with these braces cause discomfort with the conversation, during chewing, and brushing teeth.

In this regard, braces, installed outside of the teeth, is much easier and more comfortable. But each of orthodontic patients are currently free to choose the most suitable for yourself and are completely satisfied with the type of braces to correct bite.

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